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R. W. Pressprich & Co., an institutional fixed-income broker/dealer headquartered in New York City, was originally established in 1909 and in time became highly regarded as a pioneering specialist in fixed-income products. It was re-established in 1990 with a commitment to the same standards of excellence employed by its predecessor firm.

Today the firm is a research-oriented broker/dealer and FINRA member firm with branch offices in Boston, Chicago, Minnesota and New Hampshire. We employ approximately 100 people comprised of a significant number of professionals, many with decades of working experience. Moreover, every trader, salesperson, analyst and administrator has expertise in numerous aspects of the debt and equity markets including U.S. Treasury, sovereign, agency, mortgage, investment-grade, corporates, high-yield, distressed, foreign currency debt, convertibles, public equities, CDO, and CDO equity.

Our principal focus is to provide fixed-income relative value and market timing research for clients. We strive to understand issues which are important to customers, big or small, focusing more on finding solutions than just selling a product. We believe this brings value to our relationships while putting our efforts to transact business in proper perspective.

Because our business revolves around customer needs and services, we listen harder and respond sooner. We have to.
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