R.W. Pressprich & Co.

Credit Analysis Overview

An Independent View

R.W. Pressprich Credit Analysis provides institutional investors with an unbiased, independent view of each company that we analyze. We are unencumbered by potential conflicts.

Our sole objective is to provide quality, independent analysis to our institutional client base.

Analysis at Pressprich

Analysts begin their process with no presuppositions. Our standard is to provide thoughtful, thorough, detailed recommendations. We provide a value-oriented review of an issuer's capital structure, projected cash flows and competitive position within its industry. We analyze the securities within a company's capital structure and make outright or hedged recommendations accordingly. Our emphasis is on "mispriced securities" and special situations with an overlay of industry specific knowledge. Pressprich analysts have significant experience providing in-depth company and valuation analysis. A bottoms-up analysis process is supplemented with market insights. Focus is given to companies whose securities are not widely followed or are notably mispriced in the market place. Our model is flexible to quickly respond to the opportunities at the time and the demands of the market place.

Selection of Issuer Coverage

  • "Mispriced securities" relative to long-term fundamental value
  • "Mispriced securities" that result from market volatility
  • A mispriced capital structure that offers outright or paired trade opportunities
  • Fixed Income Securities that trade at a deep discount to par
  • Privately placed securities that have limited information and require a "deep-dive"
  • Spinoffs
  • M&A Arbitrage opportunities
  • Restructurings and Reorganizations
  • Reorganization-Equities